History and Construction

High quality result of a long craft tradition.

J.Hernández and Son

Our History

I was born in Turís, (Valencia) in 1948. I started at 15 as an apprentice in the Esteve guitar workshop where during many years I developed my career and cemented my craftmanship.

Nowadays and together with my son Alberto Hernández and other artisans I am proud of being at the front of my workshop where we make great Spanish clasical and flamenco Guitars, made with time and patience all by hand . We use the best quality wood, make the Guitars following real Spanish traditional systems to get the best sound and try to be exquisite with the details and finishing. We can also make special customizations according to the client´s necessities.

Building Process

Juan Hernández Guitars: "handmade with time and patience" High quality result of a long craft tradition.